Aug 5th

Cat Tails: The Story of Player and Watcher

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Part one


Brothers and Best Friends.

Player and Watcher came to the Monmouth County SPCA after being found under a picnic table, then cared for until they were old enough to be brought into the shelter.  This is not a unique story, as many kittens are found in many obscure places, and by the kindness of animal lovers, cared for until they can be put up for adoption.  What makes this story unique is the bond between Player and Watcher, and why that bond is so incredibly strong.  Player came into the world with a special challenge, and Watcher came into this world to be his champion.

Player was born with paralysis of his hind legs—a condition called Myelomeningocele.  He has a cyst in the spinal cord due to an opening in the vertebrae.  Needless to say, Player has many obstacles for such a little kitten.  Although he can’t move his hind legs, Player does not let this slow him down one bit.  In fact, he lives up to his name and then some!  Aside from his brother Watcher, toys are his most favorite thing.  The two of them seem to live by the motto “play hard, sleep harder.”  They have the same energy levels as every other kitten in the shelter–and have just as much fun.  Playtime is slightly different for these two because Watcher is careful and gentle with his brother– even when Player is giving him a good kitten thwap!  Then when it’s nap time, they sleep like all other kittens do; in a pile, intertwined, hugging, and oblivious to the world around them.

On the flip side, it is fascinating how much Watcher needs Player.  Although he doesn’t have the physical challenges that his brother has, he needs him immensely.  Watcher is very aware of his role of “protector,” and has a more serious side.  He is the “guardian” and takes that job seriously. Whenever Player gets himself into a jam, Watcher is there to help him out, or meow until someone else comes along for the assist.  He also has a softer side and will cry for his brother if they are separated.  Watcher is a bit slower to trust, but when he gets to know you he is very loving, and has a purr that rivals any I have ever heard.

This is just the beginning of the journey for Player and Watcher.  As you read this, Player is recuperating from surgery to help relieve discomfort and prevent infection if the cyst were to rupture.  The surgery was paid for by generous donations and will now be followed by physical therapy, and the purchase of a cart.  So what happens next?  Who will be the lucky adopter?


You all will have to wait for Part 2 of Cat Tails: The story of Player and Watcher

*if you are interested in adopting this special pair, please reach out to Nina Lucow at the Monmouth County SPCA .    or 732-542-5962


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