Dec 18th


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Cute, cute, cute!!!! And more cute!!!! Hey, that’s me you’re describing!!!!! Hi, friends!!!!! My name is Beyonce. I am a 13-year-young sweetie pie. I came to the MCSPCA with 2 other kitties after our human mommy passed away. Our human daddy could not continue caring for us, so he brought us to the shelter to find new homes.


When I came back to the shelter, I was stressed and I wasn’t eating very well. So, the nice medical staff made up a cage for me in the medical suite so they could keep a close eye on me. I began to LOVE it in that room and completely came out of my shell. I also became an excellent little eater!!! (My shelter buddies will tell you about all my favorite types of food so you’ll know what to make me for dinner at home lol)!

Now, I’m all better and 200% ready to go home with you!!! My favorite things include sunbathing in the windowsill, sitting on your lap while you’re typing on the computer and, of course, being petted and snuggled.

While living in the tech room for several months, I became friends with lots of different humans. I was exposed to lots of different animal friends too-cats, dogs, raccoons, bunnies…I would be happiest as the only pet, I can coexist with just about anyone just as long as they don’t bother me.

I think you’ll agree with my shelter friends when they say I’m a special little lady. They think that whomever adopts me will be very lucky. I’m very excited to meet my forever family and become the luckiest kitty in the world!!!


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