Jul 19th


ByNina | In Adoptable Cats

Hi, friends! Who doesn’t love a big sweet orange cat? Especially when that cat looks just like “Morris the Cat!!!” I am sooooooo handsome and soooooooooo sweet!!!!!!! I’m ½ teddy bear and ½ mushball cat. I’m a cuddly boy who would love nothing more than to curl up with you in bed or on the couch.

I came to the MCSPCA after being abandoned. Actually, I was technically abandoned twice. My original owner didn’t want me anymore, so several years ago, she gave me to another person. Then, that owner moved and just left me behind in the yard. As you probably know, a front-declawed house cat is not well equipped to fend for himself outside, so I am grateful that a neighbor spotted me and called the animal authorities to come get me. Thanks to all of them, I’m safe, sound and in a place where I can find a real forever home!!!!!

I am 7-year young front-declawed boy. I am an easy-to-have-around, easy-to-please kind of boy. Give me a comfy spot to nap and some love and I’m yours forever! What do you say? Want to be mine forever too?!


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