Small & Furry

There are many wonderful animals at the shelter, not just cats and dogs. These are just a few of the small & furry, feathered, or scaly animals we have at the MCSPCA. Before you go to a pet shop, please visit us.

We often have cockatiels and other birds-please call 732-440-1525 for more info.

If we don’t have what you are looking for, please check out these local rescue groups:

House Rabbit Society • Little Furries Rescue • Rabbit Haven by the Sea



Elmer is a cutie-pie guinea pig looking for his new home. Read more about Elmer

Whiskers and Fluffy

Whiskers and Fluffy are two nice guinea pigs who are looking for a new... Read more about Whiskers and Fluffy

Bunny rabbit

This bunny was found as a stray and is very sweet. Read more about Bunny rabbit

Pickles and friend

Pickles and his friend are looking for their new home! Read more about Pickles and friend


Fluffer is a Dwarf Lionhead rabbit looking for a new home! Read more about Fluffer

Hobo Pete

This little bunny was found as a stray! Read more about Hobo Pete
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