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The Work in Progress Program was created to be geared towards our “tougher” adoptable dogs. These dogs are part of our Foster to Adopt program which allows adopters to take the dog out of the shelter environment while still getting full support from the Monmouth County SPCA. These dogs have specific behavior issues that can be worked with and managed successfully in the right home. Our behavior staff will give adopters the tools to help these dogs on the road to living life to their fullest potential. Please take the time to read each of the dogs bios to see if these dogs are a good match for you.  Click on any of the photo’s to view the dog’s adoption page. Thank you for taking the first step towards adoption by visiting our website!

Howell Dogs

In early June, the MCSPCA along with our partnering shelters, seized 276 dogs from a residential home. We took in 117 and have had a tremendous success rate in adopting them out but we still have a handful that need very special homes. These dogs will most certainly need time to adjust to their new surroundings, family, and learn how to be a dog. When choosing to foster a dog like this, you will have to be patient with things just as leash walking and housebreaking as these dogs lived in a dark home without ever stepping foot outside. We refer to these dogs as a “flight risk” due to the fact that their first instinct will be to run if they feel scared, uncomfortable or threatened and all of the proper precautions will need to be taken to maintain their safety. The adjustment period for a dog like this acclimating to a new home can take weeks or months depending on the dog and we suggest not having visitors during that time period so that your new dog doesn’t become overwhelmed. These dogs have been around other dogs for their entire lives so we are adamant about sending them home with other dogs to help them settle in. We also suggest having a household with older kids or adults only. Our adoption and behavior team will give you all of the tools need to properly manage the behavior of these shy yet sweet dogs. Please consider fostering one of our Howell dogs to give them the happy live they finally deserve!





Our other shelter dogs:


Alize is a beautiful girl, who at 3 years old still enjoys a calm & relaxed lifestyle.

Alize originally came to us as a stray and immediately gained the affection of her human staff and volunteer friends. Although she is gentle with people, she does need to be the only pet in the home. Alize has gotten into an altercation with a dog before while out on a walk in which a bite did occur, so having an able adult handle her leash at all times is a must. Alize loves people SO much that when they leave her alone she gets very stressed and anxious, so someone who is home often (or all the time) would be ideal for her.
Alize has been kept as our “Official Office Dog” where she relaxes quietly all day and greets her human friends nicely as they come in to work. She is often seen laying on her bed and picking through her basket of toys trying to find the perfect one to play with! Alize is looking for someone to be her companion and love her for the wonderful and special girl that she is.


Kenzie is a petite SUPER SENIOR looking for her forever family!

Kenzie came to the MCSPCA as a stray in July. She is estimated to be about 9 years old but still has plenty of spunky energy and loves to play! Kenzie sometimes gets REALLY excited and a little bit mouthy calm and gentle handling at all times is a must. Kenzie has shown to be reactive to other animals during her stay at the shelter, so we recommend her being the only pet in the household. The MCSPCA behavior team will give you the tools to properly manage Kenzie’s behavior on leash around other animals so that she can be a cool, calm and collected canine companion!



Lady is a playful and affectionate girl looking for her second chance at a good life!

Lady originally came the the MCSPCA as a cruelty confiscation. Upon arrival Lady quickly made friends with staff and volunteers as well as the other dogs here at the shelter! Although Lady is friendly, she does have some handling sensitivity both in response to restraint and to reaching for her body (head and face in particular) so her potential adopters would need to provide calm, non-invasive handling at all times. During her food assessment, Lady showed some guarding behavior with food and a pigs ear, so the MCSPCA behavior team will provide with you with the tools and knowledge you need to manage any situation that may arise. We would suggest Lady going home with children 12+ so that the whole family can understand her needs and help her be the best dog she can be!

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