Dogs in Foster

Below you’ll find the wonderful shelter dogs who are currently with foster families awaiting their forever homes! To meet any of these dogs please call 732-542-5962 to arrange a meet and greet. Thank you for choosing to adopt!



Hi, I am Rocky, and I am about 1 1/2 years old now. I look like a Terrier mix, which means I am very handsome. I came from a less-than-ideal background – I was found, abandoned, in a crate in the woods. I can be shy at first, but I am sweet, for sure! I give lots of kisses and love to cuddle.

I love other dogs and I would like a family with at least one other dog so they can show me the ropes and teach  me to become more confident. My new canine companion will need to love to play, since I love to play, and I have lots and lots of energy!

I am in a foster home and I’m doing great! I really like all the special attention I get there. I love my foster doggie siblings, and I can’t wait to meet my forever ones!  I’m really looking forward to getting a home of my own soon! Come meet me so I can give you my paw! I know lots of commands.

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Adrian came to the Monmouth County SPCA through our Law Enforcement Division as a cruelty confiscation. She was rescued from a large scale hoarding situation with close to 300 other dogs. Adrian is a Chihuahua mix and we believe she is between 1-2 years old.

Adrian is currently in a loving foster home who has been working to help socialize her with people. Here are some words from her foster parents:

“Adrian did not have the best start in life. Born in a hoarder home, she has never known the love of a human. This was a hard existence that got even worse when Adrian became pregnant before her first birthday! Thanks to the Monmouth SPCA, her eventual rescue meant she could get the medical attention she needed and could care for her puppies in the comfort and safety of a loving foster home. Now that her puppies have been adopted, it is Adrian’s turn to get the happy forever-life she deserves.

Adrian has built strong bonds with the other dogs in her foster home, but she is still working out trust issues with humans (and who could blame her??). However, her fears do not stop her from wagging her tail with joy when her foster parents come home or from snuggling with them at bedtime. It is obvious she wants desperately to get the same hugs and tummy rubs the other dogs do, but she needs more time to build the confidence to allow these things.”

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Petey aka Keith

I came from a hoarding situation, and would love to have a patient family teach me that people are kind and loving. I look like a Boston Terrier mix, and I’m about 2 years old.  I’m in a foster home and doing very well there.  I like other dogs, and would benefit from having another dog in my new home. I am crate trained, and almost housetrained!  I will take treats from my foster mom, and I will eat when she’s sitting near me (that’s a really scary thing for us shy dogs!) I am dragging a leash, which makes it possible for people to get me when they need me, without grabbing me and scaring me. The other day I climbed onto her to get close.  I’m doing great! You’ll just need to be a little patient with me at first so I can get comfortable with you.

I went to another foster home for a vacation, and I’m pretty good about going in and out now when called.  I love to run around the yard. I was very good for my first bath, too! I learned how to climb the stairs.  I am so smart and brave!

There are others like me at the shelter! We are all very shy since we weren’t socialized much and never went outside. We would do best with a calm family that is willing to spend the time to help us to get over our nervousness.

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Hi! I am Angel, and I am 4-year-old terrier mix who was surrendered after my family had to move and could not take me with them.  My family only had me for a couple of months, but they said I was a sweet playful girl who loved all people I met.  Now I am lucky enough to be staying with a foster family while I look for my forever home.  When I came to the shelter I had a limp due to the inflamed and painful front leg.  The doctors took great care of me and determined the condition was not cancer (YAY!) but they did decide to amputate my leg due to the repeated pain and discomfort.  Now I am fully recovered and loving life again!!!  I am a tripod athlete that can keep up with everyone!

Here are some of the wonderful things my foster mom has said about me:
Angel is loving, sweet, smart, playful and wants to please.  Sunspots seem to be a favorite, as is squirrel-watching by the big old wild cherry tree.  She loves treats and can find them even before you hide them to play a game.  Red Barn bones, the bigger the better, are her favorite way to relax.  Before I end, I must mention her very favorite thing…..being as close as caninely possible to her human.  Velcro has nothing on her.  She’s an amazing dog.  She is great in the house.  Angel is the best snuggler ever – she lies right on top of you and cuddles.  Angel loves toys and squeaky balls.  She loves to run and to roll around outside.  Angel just loves life!  She enjoys her breakfast at the beach every morning, and loves to go for long walks.

WOW my foster mom really loves me but like me she is hoping for a very special forever home to call my own.  I am ready for my next adventure – will it include you?


I look like a Terrier mix (and look at those ears!), and I’m about 2 years old. My family could no longer care for me, so I’m looking for a new one who would love to play with me. I am a sweet and petite little girl. I have a moderate energy level. I weigh almost 50 lbs. I am a smart cookie – I know “sit”, “stay”, and “come”.

I am always willing to greet my friends with some kisses and snuggles!

I am looking for a home with owners who will take me on nice long walks, trips to the beach, hikes, and other fun adventures!


I came from a hoarding situation, and would love to have a patient family teach me that people are kind and loving. I look like a Chihuahua or Fox Terrier mix, and I’m about 10 years old.  I weigh 10 lbs. There are others like me at the shelter! We are all very shy since we weren’t socialized much and never went outside. We would do best with a calm family that is willing to spend the time to help us to get over our nervousness.

Here is what my wonderful foster family says about me”

“Hi, my name is Simon.  It turns out that I’m a really happy, mellow dog.  I was pretty cranky at the shelter but it was just because I needed a little peace and quiet.  I really enjoy taking naps in the sun.  My foster mom says I snore but I don’t believe her.  I love treats and like to find them hidden around the house.  I also am learning what it is like to be petted and look forward to sitting on someone’s lap really soon.  I just need a little more time to get used to it.  Right now I am staying with a family that has an 8 year old boy.  He is funny and I will take treats from him, I really like when he talks to me in a kind voice.  I’m sure I will find my forever home soon, how can anybody resist a face like this.  Ha! It turns out I have a sense of humor too!”


I am a sweet girl who was surrendered to the shelter because I was pregnant. I gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies and am now ready for my forever home. I am super playful and love to play fetch or throw a squeaky toy around. I’m about 2 1/2 years old, and look like a Terrier mix. I love to snuggle, too!

I really enjoy outings with my volunteer friends – I’m great in the car and love walks at the beach!


I came from a hoarding situation, and would love to have a patient family teach me that people are kind and loving. I look like a Pomeranian mix, and I’m about 2 years old. I was in a foster home and I bonded with doggie sibling – I like other dogs. I would do best with a calm family that is willing to spend the time to help me to get over my nervousness.

Here’s some wonderful words from my foster home:

“Dale loves exploring the house and now lays down in the living room if we are in there.   When I go out, he has the run of the house, he will greet me at the door with the rest of the dogs. He hasn’t had any accidents. 

He sleeps through the night in his crate with the door opened. He loves being in the yard and follows my dogs around, chases squirrels and loves to run laps.  Dale shows progress every day!”


I came from an over-crowded shelter down south. I look like a Walker Hound, and I’m about 3 years old. I am shy in my new surroundings, but I have lots of love in me. I would be best in a home with another confident dog who can show me how to be a dog. I have a medium energy level. I weigh about 50 lbs.

Here are some wonderful words from my foster family:

“Sonya aka Turtle is slowly coming out of her shell blossoming into a beautiful dog with big velvet hound ears framing a delicate face worthy of many strokes from a loving hand. Gentle with everyone, she is looking for a home to be equally gentle with her. Loves her crate while you’re away, and to sleep at night, looking for a quiet home to rest and open up to all the scents the world has to offer.” 

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