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Below you’ll find the wonderful shelter dogs who are currently with foster families awaiting their forever homes! To meet any of these dogs please call 732-542-5962 to arrange a meet and greet. Thank you for choosing to adopt!



Hi, I am Rocky, and I am about 1 1/2 years old now. I look like a Terrier mix, which means I am very handsome. I came from a less-than-ideal background – I was found, abandoned, in a crate in the woods. I can be shy at first, but I am sweet, for sure! I give lots of kisses and love to cuddle.

I love other dogs and I would like a family with at least one other dog so they can show me the ropes and teach  me to become more confident. My new canine companion will need to love to play, since I love to play, and I have lots and lots of energy!

I am in a foster home and I’m doing great! I really like all the special attention I get there. I love my foster doggie siblings, and I can’t wait to meet my forever ones!  I’m really looking forward to getting a home of my own soon! Come meet me so I can give you my paw! I know lots of commands.

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Adrian came to the Monmouth County SPCA through our Law Enforcement Division as a cruelty confiscation. She was rescued from a large scale hoarding situation with close to 300 other dogs. Adrian is a Chihuahua mix and we believe she is between 1-2 years old.

Adrian is currently in a loving foster home who has been working to help socialize her with people. Here are some words from her foster parents:

“Adrian did not have the best start in life. Born in a hoarder home, she has never known the love of a human. This was a hard existence that got even worse when Adrian became pregnant before her first birthday! Thanks to the Monmouth SPCA, her eventual rescue meant she could get the medical attention she needed and could care for her puppies in the comfort and safety of a loving foster home. Now that her puppies have been adopted, it is Adrian’s turn to get the happy forever-life she deserves.

Adrian has built strong bonds with the other dogs in her foster home, but she is still working out trust issues with humans (and who could blame her??). However, her fears do not stop her from wagging her tail with joy when her foster parents come home or from snuggling with them at bedtime. It is obvious she wants desperately to get the same hugs and tummy rubs the other dogs do, but she needs more time to build the confidence to allow these things.”

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I came from a hoarding situation, and would love to have a patient family teach me that people are kind and loving. I look like a Pomeranian mix, and I’m about 2 years old. I was in a foster home and I bonded with doggie sibling – I like other dogs. I would do best with a calm family that is willing to spend the time to help me to get over my nervousness.

Here’s some wonderful words from my foster home:

“Dale loves exploring the house and now lays down in the living room if we are in there.   When I go out, he has the run of the house, he will greet me at the door with the rest of the dogs. He hasn’t had any accidents. 

He sleeps through the night in his crate with the door opened. He loves being in the yard and follows my dogs around, chases squirrels and loves to run laps.  Dale shows progress every day!”

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Hi, I am Stella, a demure young lady at 3 years of age. I was rescued from some pretty dire straits. I am so happy to be here, safe now and learning how much fun it is to be a dog. I love all the staff and volunteers who are helping me on my journey to my first home ever.  Everyone says how gentle and sweet I am and how I will melt your heart as soon as I meet you. I am as cute as a button and do look like a terrier mix.

I am pretty good at playing fetch with balls and Frisbees, and I like all kinds of other doggie activities. But I am still getting used to car rides though and sometimes I get a little motion sickness.  So for now, I think going for a nice, leisurely walks are just my speed, taking time to smell the roses along the way.
I have wonderful manners and on my visits with my volunteer friends, they reported that I have been a perfect and delightful guest in their home. I love snoozing on the couch with my head on their lap.  

I am not sure of all that life brings so I may need your guidance to become comfortable with things I do not know yet. But I can promise you that I will always be your best friend, right by your side. I cannot wait to meet you so that we can discover and enjoy life together.
I am in a foster home, having a great time, but I would like a family to call my own. Call first if you’re interested in meeting me!
Here are some wonderful words from my foster home:
“Stella is very well behaved in the house. After eating she may engage with one of her toys before settling in her bed. Later in the morning we are outside again for more walking around the neighborhood and exploring in the backyard (Stella especially likes walking on the deck).  Kong time is Stella’s favorite time of day.  She pounces on it, bats it, and devours its treats while scampering around her room, tail wagging the entire time. After this exertion, she typically naps. With the notable exception of the Kong, Stella is very low key when offered a treat; as often as not she will decline a biscuit or gently take it and not eat it for several hours or longer. Stella is very curious about the outside world, wanting to check out what is possibly hiding in/behind every shrub, bush, and thicket.”

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Brook came the shelter when her family was no longer able to care for her.  She is a 5-year-old terrier mix who is sweet and enjoys long walks with her friends.  She can be a little timid when first meeting new people, but once she warms up to you she will climb in your lap and snuggle with you.  She is a smart and energetic girl who knows commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and “down”, and she will give you her “paw. Brook loves to play.  She enjoys squeaky toys and tennis balls or even a game of tug.  She does prefer to be an only pet but she has been reported to be good with kids by her previous family. Brook would love a new family to call her own.

Here are some wonderful words from my foster family:

“Brook has been with us for 7 days now and has adjusted extremely well to our routine.  She is very smart and learns very quickly.  She greets us with tail wagging and kisses when we come home and doesn’t leave our side when we are home with her, she follows us everywhere.  She loves to give kisses and absolutely loves her belly scratches.  She enjoys her toys, but can get a little hyped up with them, but as fast as she gets worked up, she can be settled down just as quickly.  She hasn’t been exposed to many people here, but the ones she has met she has been very friendly.  She has been an absolute pleasure to have around.” 

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Hi, I am Dixie and I am a 2-year-old terrier mix who was surrendered to the shelter by my last family since I was not getting along with my canine brother.  I really just wanted to get all of the attention!!!  I lived with that family in Long Branch for about a year and half after they rescued me from what they called “a sad home” as they felt the first family was not taking good care of me.  So here I am again looking for what I hope will be my forever home-as the saying goes, the 3rd time is a charm!

I am a very social girl who loves people and will greet anyone who wants to be my friend.  I do sometimes jump up on people – I can’t help it as I just get so excited!  I love to play too, and tennis balls are my absolute favorite.  I really don’t know my own size as I am determined to be a lap dog and will try to fit on your lap if you will let me.  I love to go on walks and get out and enjoy the fresh air!!!  I have made so many wonderful friends here and I love when they take me for outings.  They tell everyone that I am very well behaved in the car and can walk with them for miles 🙂  I am so excited to find my forever home where I can be the only pet and get all of the attention!!!  Don’t you worry as I have lots of love to give back and I will fill your heart completely!

Here are some wonderful words from my foster family:

“Dixie has been an absolute joy to foster! She gets very excited when people come to the house and she does bark but once she is introduced to who entered she is nothing but smiles and kisses. She loves to cuddle literally anywhere, take long naps on the floor or couch, and loves to give kisses. She stays in her designated area and does not try to “escape” or chew/ destroy anything (other than her toys which she loves!). She listens to what you tell her she can and cannot do although she may need a reminder from time to time haha. She loves people however this means she does not like to be alone so she does bark if you go upstairs and leave her downstairs by herself (we have her sectioned to just our downstairs) she is very good on walks and overall has been an angel during her time as our foster pup! “

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