Let Me Purrsuade You into Taking Me Home!

Let me PUURRsuade you…

 …into taking me home!

 Give some longtime cats a break at the MCSPCA

The “Let Me Purrsuade You” program was designed for those felines whose true purrsonalities often don’t show in the shelter environment, but emerge once they are in a loving home.  Shelter environments can be stressful for cats that are timid, older, anxious, not fond of other animals or set in their ways. In a shelter environment, such cats will often shut down or act out.

The MCSPCA understands that it can be difficult for an adopter to make a connection with a cat who won’t come out of his/her hidey bed or says hello to his/her potential new family by hissing and swatting at them. The LMPY program gives the kitty candidate a chance to bond with their new potential forever family at his/her own pace and in the comfort of a loving home.

Through the LMPY program, the adopter gets to take the cat home on a 2-month “trial” basis. The MCSPCA maintains “ownership” of the kitty in order to provide close ongoing support. At any point during those 2 months, the LMPY parent can decide to make the adoption official. If the LMPY parent chooses not to adopt, we have still gained valuable experience about how that cat was in a home. It’s a win-win either way!!

 Meet some of our cats who would love to purrrsuade you into taking them home:

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